Web Design

When World Wide Web started, web pages were merely text documents. However, today they are just more than that. Thanks to additions of JavaScript and CSS, websites today are full-blown applications. Modern websites use new technologies like web 2.0 that has features such as:

  • Information search
  • Links
  • Tags
  • Extensions
  • Signals

Our team of web designers uses the modern tools to create responsive websites that work across all platforms and screens. We create websites that:

  • Are pleasing to view and easy to navigate
  • Are compatible with all browsers
  • Are search engine friendly
  • Are attractive and effortlessly carry the message of your company
  • Are safe from cyber attacks

Our Office At

Goldfinn Technologies

78, N S C Bose Road, 1st Floor
Kolkata - 700 040

Phone: +91 33 2499 6289

Email: corp@goldfinn.com